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Commercial Laundry Services Near Houston, TX

When you run a business there are usually 100 things that need your attention. Doing laundry shouldn't have to be one of them. Our commercial laundry service can wash, dry and fold all of your business' laundry for you so you have one less thing to worry about. We will work with your schedule to make sure you always have clean laundry when you need it. 

Our commercial grade washers and dryers can handle whatever type of laundry that you have. 

  • Gyms / Spas - towels and robes
  • Industrial Businesses - uniforms, rags, towels
  • Colleges - student laundry, department laundry
  • Sports Teams - uniforms, towels
  • Restaurants / Catering - chair covers, linen napkins, tablecloths
  • Hotels / Motels - towels, comforters, sheets
  • Mechanics –uniforms, work rags
  • Hospitals / Clinics - uniforms, bed linens, scrubs
  • Doctor's Offices –uniforms, gowns
  • Pet Grooming –towels, pet beds
  • Airbnb / VRBO - area rugs, towels, beach towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen towels

Now servicing: Bellaire, Greenway/ Upper Kirby, Houston, Houston Galleria, Pasadena, River Oaks, and Western University Place.

The cost of commercial laundry depends on how much laundry there is, how often you need service, and what type of laundry it is. Let us know a little bit more about your laundry needs by filling out our Request a Bid form. 


Commercial Laundry Services for Restaurants, Bars and Banquet Facilities

Regardless of the elegance of a restaurant or event, linens will inevitably become soiled. Food and beverages are bound to drop and spill. Oasis Washateria boasts industrial-grade machines and skilled launderers adept at removing food stains and beyond. Opt for our restaurant laundry service to ensure your linens always appear immaculate.

Commercial Laundry Services for Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are expected to maintain a clean and sanitized environment at all times. This includes the laundering of linens as well. Facilities such as hospitals require the laundering of sheets, blankets, scrubs, and more. Long-term care or hospice facilities may also need to launder their patients' personal clothing. Regardless of the type of medical facility, our medical laundry service is equipped to handle the job. We ensure that your linens meet your high standards.


Commercial Laundry Services for Airbnbs, VRBOs, HomeAway

Vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO often result in substantial laundry needs. A single room requires washing sheets and blankets, while an entire house may necessitate cleaning linens for multiple rooms, as well as kitchen and possibly pool towels. With a continuous stream of guests, managing laundry can become overwhelming. This is where our specialized Airbnb laundry service comes into play. We relieve you of the laundry burden and coordinate with your timetable to ensure you always have fresh linens available when needed.

Commercial Laundry Services for Students

Returning to school often results in tripling the amount of laundry. Instead of washing light shorts, jackets, and skimpy swimsuits, you now have to deal with jeans, bulky jackets, and sturdy winter garments. For college students, this means a significant amount of laundry to carry to and from the dormitory laundry facilities. Rather than getting that unintentional workout, why not let us handle your laundry needs? Our student laundry service will collect your laundry and ensure its return within 24 hours. Focus on your studies, and let us take care of ensuring your clothes are clean.

Commercial Laundry Services for Gyms, Rec Centers, Health Clubs

Gyms, recreation centers, and health clubs consume a significant quantity of towels. Typically, these towels are utilized to absorb sweat and subsequently accumulate in a damp heap within the locker room. It is essential that these towels undergo a comprehensive cleaning and drying process to ensure they emit a fresh scent and maintain cleanliness for subsequent use. Our specialized towel cleaning laundry service guarantees that your towels are consistently impeccably clean.


Commercial Laundry Services for Uniforms

A wide range of industries mandate uniform attire for their employees. This includes everyone from amusement park vendors to upscale restaurant waiters. Each uniform must undergo laundering after every shift. Our uniform laundry service is equipped to clean and wash all types of uniforms, whether it's a grease-stained mechanic's outfit or a doctor's scrubs. We ensure that you appear immaculate and professional.